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Piggy Bank

We can't operate without funding and there are a few ways which you can donate.

You Can Contact Us to arrange your donation, or you can click on the donate button below and donate using your credit / debit card via Paypal.

About Fight For Sight

Since its Establishment in 1985 the Irish Fight Campaign has raised more than 2.5m Euro through continuous fund raising programmes and donations. The Money raised has been used to fund:

Eyebank Ireland

The national donor eyebank which supplies donated corneas to Irish Hospitals for transplant operations.

Educational Videos

A Lot to Lose ll is a health & safety DVD aimed at the prevention of Eye Loss/Damage by being pro-active in using protective eye gear. The DVD takes you on a journey with 4 people who suffered eye damage and is available for €140 from Fight for Sight.
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Wally's Lucky Day is a DVD that has been produced targeting teenagers in various aspects of eye protection and shows what can happen to the eye by not being pro-active. This DVD is free of charge for all secondary schools nationwide.
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Purchase of eye equipment

This includes YAG lasers, scanners and specular microscopes for the Regional Hospitals and Health Boards in Cork, Galway, Waterford and Kilkenny.


Research projects into Cornea transplantation, optometric research and diseases such as Glaucoma and Cataract.

Glaucoma Screening

Free Nationwide screening for Glaucoma