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Description of Migraine

Migraine affects 12-15% of the population and accounts for a large percentage of lost working days.Typically it is associated with the onset of severe headache across the top of the head associated with nausea and vomiting and sometime dizziness and a feeling of revolving surroundings (vertigo).Whereas this is the most common form of migraine, there is another form which can affect the sight and is not usually associated with headache or sickness.

Symptoms of Migraine

Eye migraine usually starts with a visual aura or warning which can be described as a flickering of the vision at the edge of one's sight - peripheral vision - in one or both eyes which gradually extends over the complete sight sometimes leading to complete loss of vision which can be extremely disturbing. These auras can vary in description from person to person but usually take the appearance of a flickering sensation, with or without coloured light, like a rainbow effect, and are called "fortification spectra" and are typical of eye migraine. In general they usually last for five to ten minutes after which a general feeling of fatigue sets in but in general without headache.

Treatment of Migraine

Persons experiencing these attacks should attend their general practitioner. For further information