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Contact Lenses

Description of Contact Lenses

There are two types of contact lenses available from optometrists and opthalmologists - soft and hard. Soft contact lenses are made from flexible plastic material and are extremely comfortable to wear. Hard contact lenses are made from rigid plastic material and are less comfortable to wear. Developments in the contact lens industry in recent years have done much to increase comfort and safety for wearers.

Symptoms of Contact Lenses

Assuming your lenses are correctly fitted, the most common difficulties associated with their use occur as a result of poor hand/lens hygiene.This can cause infections resulting in an ulceration of the cornea and in extreme cases loss of sight. The lodgement of dust or other foreign material under a lens can cause scratching of the cornea and be extremely painful.

Treatment of Contact Lenses

In the event that the eye gets sore or red, the contact lens should be immediately removed and examination of the eye by an optometrist or ophthalmologist be carried out and the appropriate treatment prescribed. Should the problem be due to an ill fitting contact lens, a complete refitting should be carried out and a new contact lens prescribed.